Monday, 2 August 2010


What a shock i had only been back here 24 hours when my mobile rang when i picked it up it said dad Butler, and it was a young girl's voice who said is that Paula i said yes she said where are you i said at home.
She said its about your dad he's had a fall and that she was a carer, she said i have called the ambulance and i will stay with your dad until they come and then call you back and let you know which hospital they have taken him to.
The girl then rang me back and said your dad would not go to the hospital but the medics checked him out and left paperwork for him to give to the dr, the medics said dad's blood pressure was very high so he needed the dr to visit him today.
I went across to Leeds and saw dad and made him comfortable and something to eat and drink, we talked about him living alone and not having any quality of life dad said that with having 2 falls in the last month its made him realise how unstable he is.
Dad said he would like to go into a home this was a shock as last year we looked at dad going into a sheltered home and he looked and said it's nice but not for me, i will only go out of this house in a box so we have never had any more disscussions on it until yesterday.
So today its been calls to various outside agencies to try and put wheels in motion to sort all of this out, but it looks like it could take some time due to people being on holidays ect


The twins mum said...

Wow! I'm speechless that is really bazzar isn't it? Maybe your Dad is looking out for your Dad.
Hope you are well and taking care of yourself.

Clare said...

Oh honey, why is it that when you are down you just keep getting kicked down!!! im so sorry my friend. Atleast Dad Butler is realising now that it is for his best and the fall has now made him realise he needs that extra care. Do hope you manage to find somewhere for him very soon. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself Paula too. Always here for you gorgeous lady. Big big extra hugs, Clare xxx