Friday, 6 August 2010

Up date on dad Butler

Thanks to those who have been sending me messages. Yesterday i made contact with Social Services because they had not got back to me, and spoke to the team leader that said she still had not allocated dad a social worker but would have it done by the end of the day. I explained that when i had called on dad i was able to walk into the house he was in his chair fast asleep and that this was real scarry for me knowing that anyone could walk in and all sorts ran through my head about what could happen. I explained that my dad had no quality of life and that the best place for my dad would be with other people in the same position, in a residential home the social worker asked is your father self funding i said no.
That is when she said well we will have to come out and do assessment of your dad and if he fits the criterea but he may not which means that they will make alteration to dads house, i said that this would be stupid as this does not make my dads legs any stronger and his mind any better.
The dr said that it would be the best for dad to be looked after in a residential home, the social worker said all drs say that about the elderly, this made me angry and i said that we should be taking care of our elderly they went to war for our country and they deserve looking after and just becasue my dad is not couldn't self fund should not stop him been looked after. He nursed both his parents and his wife with cancer so i think hes been a good man and now its time for the country to take care of him he is 85 years old.
Anyway the social worker is visiting Tuesday and i will be with him so i will update you then.
Take care luv to all


Clare said...

Well my darlin, you know exactly how i feel about this after our phone chat yesterday. It is totally disgusting and Dad Butler should be given the respect & care he has shown others through the year. I do hope things improve for you hun. You know where i am darl. Thinking of you. Big hugs Clare xxx

The twins mum said...

Who are these people, to sit behind their desks are dicatate as to who can and who can't? It's always about money what happened to compasion? Makes me laugh! Our world can be so messed up sometimes.
Keep us posted and give Bertie a big hug from me.
Take care and good luck my friend