Friday, 15 July 2011


 Its been a good few days since i was on here but my son still does not have the internet, so i can only go on here when i am at my sister's house.
Firstly i will tell you about my grandson and i are having great fun, i have some pictures on my phone but cannot get them off my phone, but will try and get my son to send some to my email address so i can post on here.
I am so much enjoying my time with Joshua and he now comes up to me and reaches out for me to pick him up or holds out his hand for me to hold it, and it just feels good but then on a night when i lay in bed i think about saying bye and feel so sad, that i have just built our relationship again.
I have found a craft class in South lakes this is south of the river and my sister is north, but i have booked on to it my sister and my sisters daughter in law to be are also coming along with me.
Its on Sunday the 17th July and i am so looking forward to meeting new people and crafting, i will update you as soon as i can with how its gone and what we made.
I have also made arrangements to meet a lady from SU and her up line on Thursday the 21st July, plus my sister's been intouch with a teacher at her school who's daughter is a SU demo and she is going to organise something.
So next time i come on here i should have plenty to talk about and pictures to show you all.
Have to go now my sister wants to go shopping.
Thanks for checking my blog out take care Luv Paula oxoxoxox