Friday, 24 September 2010

October the launch of stampin up catalogue, and up date regarding dad

I have had so much going on with my dad and getting things sorted out for him i have not done any crafting, in fact i placed and order for new Stampin Up stuff and its still sat in the box it came in. I was going to have an open house for people to come make a card with SU goodies, have cuppa and a bun, chat and maybe even order or book a party. But with dad been back in hospital because he had another fall 48 hours after been in his new home his Dr said dad cannot go back home, and that we should be looking at Residential homes so my sister Jan will arrive from Aus on Tuesday and we will be looking together at Residential homes.
Plus my son got accepted for a job in New Zealand 3 weeks ago and he will be moving in with us the weekend of the catalogue launch untill he leaves in November so what with one thing and another i just do not have time to hold an open house at this moment in time ladies.
 But i need to let you good ladies know that the new Stampin Up Catalogue is out on the 1/10/2010 so you can view it free on line then by going to the new catalogue's got lots of new things in and i think it would be worth having a browse at your leisure or if you would like a catalogue please contact me and i will send one at cost  £5.95 and if you place an order i will give you your catalogue cost back. And if you see any thing you like and would like to order you could contact me and i will place your order and you will be entered in  a draw for a bag full of stampin  up goodies worth £25.00 plus you will get your catalogue free.
 I have some candy on offer lower down to be drawn on the 2nd October, so please scroll down you may as well put your name on it will not cost you any thing and you could be the winner.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dad to move into Hampton Cresent leeds 9 tomoro

I am so sorry that i have not kept you updated, but so much going on dad had a having a couple of accidents in hospital. And then dad was given the key for the property in the Anchor housing establishment. So this then was time to look at dad having to move from his life time home in to this flat which will happen tomoro. I have had lots of running around sorting out house clearing organising removals and all the rest of the things that have to be done.
Well dads new flat is ready for him to move into tomoro, the community support team will come in and look at how dad will be able to manage in this new home.
I must say i am really worried about things and wonder if dad will be able to manage on his own, when he is so more unsteady on his feet than he was before he went into hospital, plus they have said that he's also become incontenent which he was not before he was institutionalised.
My head is a shed with all this but i hope to God that all the things going through my head are wrong but we shall soon find out.

Today would have been my dad in Australia, his 79th birthday and i would like to offer some candy in rememberance of my dad luv you lots dad.
If you would like a chance to win this candy please make yourself a follower put a pic of the candy in your sidebar to help spread the word.
You need to add your name and blog address to Mr Linky below the post, the winner will be drwan on Sunday 3rd October.