Sunday, 15 May 2011

I apologise for not crafting very much in the last month or so, my excuse is below.

I have been busy with life the last few weeks and not had much time to craft, and to be honest I seem to have lost that buzz. It may be because of all the things I have been trying to sort out in my life. My problem is that if I believe something is worth fighting for then I will go for it and not stop until I am satisfied.

Some of you that know that last year I was trying to sort my dad's life and things went from bad to worse and we lost him. Well I have been trying to sort out how my father was treated. I wrote to all concerned, until we could go no further without us going to a lawyer and they said that could be in the excess of £10 to £15 thousand pounds. But I was not happy with the replies from these companies and from 2 councils so I took it to my MP and gave him all the paperwork and believe me there was some. I got a letter back last week telling me to take it to the ombudsman, I have had dealings with the ombudsman before and feel that when it comes to councils and big companies they don't seem to investigate. That is one part of my life that's been taking up lots of time and the other started almost 5 years ago after we had bought the Barratt house we now live in, and having found out a number of different things on the new estate we started to look into it deeper. Things started to come up when talking to different people anyway we got together after almost a year and went to see our MP at the time John Grogan and told him all the things we had found out he eventually made an appointment for us to meet with the big boss of  Barratt York this took a good few months to organise. The night that he was suppose to come he never turned up. We never got the answers from Barratt and John Grogan was useless lots of people ended up giving up because it was taking up time that they were not prepared to give with busy schedules, myself and another owner occupier have kept it going the reason been that we have an estate that has 84 houses on it and only 18 of those houses are owner occupied. We have had lots of problems with tenants, children of tenants, landlords also that do not care what happens on here as long as they get rent each and every week. Some of the owners have been wanting to leave because of the estate looking run down, but cannot sell without willing to take a loss of £60. 000.
The above takes up many hours of my time trying to get things done by the council and the highways plus the landlords and tenants, people ask me why I am still on with it after all these years but I still think someone is responsible for how the estate ended up, knowing that the council lost the plans and Barratt say they have not got plans also this makes me something is not right with it all. Last week we took this to the new MP Nigel Adams and showed him told him what we had found out over the years, he advised us to go to the Ombudsman we told him we had done  that, the reply from the Ombudsman was that we had not suffered that badly for him to take it any further. How much does one have to suffer to get some help is what I ask, Nigel then said if we had done that it would be a good thing for us to go see a planning lawyer. And that the planning lawyer would look at what we have and tell us if it would be worth going forward or not but this is at a cost of £750.00 to a £1000.00, that would have to be paid by us. So big decisions to be made on 2 things plus another but will tell you that one a little later.
I quickly made a card out of the flower daisy bigz die its on page 7 of the SU mini catalogue. I used SU whisper white card stock, not sure about the yellow card stock it was among lots of old card stock that is either SU retired or purchased from someone else many moons ago.
Thanks for taking a look hope you like it I think its a quick easy and attractive card, my husband asked me to make him 6 for people at school, will do them in different colours but will post later. The picture is not the best either but got a new phone and need to learn how to use it.
Luv Paula

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Good Luck cards for my husbands Students

My husband asked me if i could make him some good luck cards for his year 11 leavers, having to make cards for both sexes I thought  I would make 2 completley different cards and here is those cards.
I made these good luck cards for the boys.

And I made the above good luck cards for the girls.
I picked simple cards for me to make, because I was asked to make 30.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Making use of my scarp bits for a birthday card..

A Black base cardstock and lots of scrap bits from my never ending supply of bits.
I have a box of scrap bits odd cardstock that I keep just in case. To be honest I hardly ever go in it,
so at the weekend I was having a move round and thought this is not good it had out grown that box.  Now I have 2 boxes of scrap bits so I made a couple of cards like this one using up my left over bits.