Monday, 26 July 2010

Funeral arrangements made.

We have been in touch with a funeral director and have booked for Wednesday 28th July 11.30am, at Fremantle Crematorium.  The funeral director came out to meet up with us girls yesterday, we talked about dad and his back ground from been a lad till the day he left this earth. We spoke music, prayers and my 2 sisters had to fill out some paper work for dad they have both got power of attorney.
Time seems to have gone so fast since dad passed on, all i ever seem to be doing is talking to family members back in the UK either on the phone by text or email.  When i left England my husband was not home he had taken kids from his school on the Lourdes trip for 10 days. He's been running this trip now for almost 15 years he says that its such a great experience for the kids and that the kids give great feed back so its worth every minute.
So when my sister rang me regarding dad i thought i cannot wait for James to return and that i should talk to my son because my grandson was been baptised on the Sunday, my son said he would cancel it and change it to later date i said no luv please go ahead without me. Then i rang James and told him i was going to book a flight out to Australia asap because of dad and that i would get an open ticket for a year so when they asked return date i said 31st July, i was not expecting to be coming back so soon i thought it would be later much later. I will be returning on the 31st July, i would like to thank everyone for sending me such caring messages.
Take care luv to all

Friday, 23 July 2010


Dad closed his eyes and passed on today at 10.30 am Australia time, 3.30 am English. I will miss you dad very much and you will be with me in  my heart always.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Up Date on my Dad

Firstly i would like to thank the people that have been sending luv and prayer's to dad and my family.
Then i will answer a question asked by Claire, if the unit that they had moved dad into was called delirium unit, yes Claire that is what they call it in Australia.
We meet dad's new Dr's and they wanted dad to have a chest xray and scan, so that was organised for later yesterday we got to see the Dr again and asked if he had any information for us he said that dad had a little pneumonia.
The Dr only does Mon Wed Fri so if we wanted to ask anything else we could talk to the Student Dr, dad's tests had not come back and was not expected  until today.
So today we spoke to the Junior Dr she told us that dad had a small blood clot on his left lung, this would mean instead of having heparin once a day they would give heparin twice a day, she said that dad was still very ill and they would concerntrate on his low blood pressure, breathing and the clot.
My sister spoke to them late this arvo and they told her that dad's got a cluster on his chest and that they did not know what it was, but they would carry on with dad's heparin to keep the blood thin and stop blood clots.
So that is today its 1.30am in the morning and i am so tired i will say good nite god bless and thanks to you all, luv Paula

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Some news

Things are going from bad to worse, dad's 3 breaks in his femur are healing well and the orthopaedic Dr's are so pleased with dad's progress regarding healing etc.
But the Geriatric Dr's say that dad needs to be sent to the delirium unit today, the reason for dad's move is because dad's been very confused we have been telling the staff about this for days and days.
Dad 's chest was rattling and he was coughing but could not get the mucus up, we asked for a Dr to give dad some antibiotics but the Dr had gone so it will be tomoro. Dad was in and out of sleep all the time today and a good friend of dad's called in to see him but dad did not have a clue who he was but we are so glad that you came.
Dad is now in the delirium unit still at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital and it was a bit of a shock this unit is a secure place, dad just slept all the time so we wondered if they had changed  any of his medication so we asked if they were giving dad any medication that was causing him to sleep so much.
They said that dad is only on 2 lots of medication one to stop blood clots and panadol, i asked if we could have a MRI scan done to see what damage these mini strokes have done but the Dr was not available so made an appointment to meet with these new Drs tomoro.
So Jo and i will go meet with the Drs tomoro and find out what is going on with dad, and i hope that they can answer all the questions i need to ask.
Thanks you for all the good wishes, take care
Luv Paula

Thursday, 15 July 2010

More news

Today we went to look at a nursing home and tomoro we will be looking at another one, they are all much the same as in the U.K regarding facilities etc. Yesterday when we got to the hospital we were told that dad had a fall, but nothing serious but Jan and i noticed that he was cofused and talking like he had downed a bottle of whisky within an hour of us been with him.
We explained this to the nurse and Junior Dr and they came and checked dad out and started looking at medication vital signs etc, and said that they would have someone look at him at 7pm dad told us to go and said he was going to bed.
Today when we got to the hospital we asked to see the Dr and they agreed dad was not himself, they said they had taken him off all his drugs to see if it was the medication, dad was very confused and talking but it was very hard to understand. we said we would take him for a walk but when we left the ward dad just went vacant his eyes rolled up and we tried to get a response and nothing, i went to get a nurse but when we returned dad was still confused but aware. So we carried on with our walk and then dad did the same thing again so i took a photo so i could show th Dr. We told the medical staff that we are very worried about him
and that we need some answers, dad is a very strong man and his behaviour is nothing like this so they are running lots of tests and xray's and scan's.
So i am hoping that if they do all these things that they are going to be able to tell us what is happening with dad, i will update you tomoro.
Take care and thanks for your support its much appreciated.
Luv Paula

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Up Date

Would just like to say thankyou to the people that have been so kind and left messages.
Yesterday my eldest sister Jan and i met with the medical staff that are involved with dad's care, our youngest sister was not able to come to the hospital since friday due to having flu.
They talked about how well dad was doing and that he would not need the 24 hour cover any longer, so that was all the positive things and then came the down side.
Dad will need to go to rehab for 12 weeks and then into a nursing home because he will not walk again, dad's mind is still strong but his body is not and i am unsure how he will take this.
We were given some nursing homes to look at from the social worker so we need to start looking at these due to the care team meeting on Friday,  if we have not looked around then they will place dad and we will not have a say about dad's future.
I will say bye for now and will update you later.
Luv Paula

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Safe Arrival and Update

Hi all, i have arrived safe in Perth W.A. my sister was waiting for me and took me straight to visit dad in Sir Charles Gardener Hospital.
Dad did not know who i was when i first walked in, but once i spoke to him he said what you doing here luv, it was great to see him and made me feel so much better even though he was very confused and in a lot of pain.
Will see the specialist on Monday so will keep you updated.
Take care
Luv Paula

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Up Date

First i would like to say thankyou to all you Ladies that have sent me messages, my sister rang me and said that the medical staff was not sure what to do with my dad.
He is not in ICU but in Aus they have something like named nurse and they watch 2 patients rather 4/6, so i know that dad is been watched closely i still have not packed my bag yet so i will say good night to you all.
And will keep you updated
Luv Paula


Hi all well i just want to say that i am leaving for Australia tomoro, the reason for it been such a quick decission is my Dad had a fall and broke his femur in 2 places.
They have operated today and the next 72 hours are crucial so i am flying out tomoro and i will be in Perth on Friday at 5pm, my sister is on the phone now from Aus telling me that Dad is out of theatre and in recovery now.
I will keep you up dated on my dad's recovery, must go got loads to do.
Thanks for looking take care

Sunday, 4 July 2010


I did the olive green one this week thinking i could make 3/4 3x3 cards to pop inside but not got round to it.  The off white one i did a few weeks ago and thought i had put it on my blog but looked and it was not on, so i added it today for all to see the fan circle is easily made.
You cut a strip of paper/cardstock at what ever width you want and length, mine on the olive green was 2ins wide and 8ins long. Then i used my eyelet punch to punch one side, then i scored the designer paper and added some glue to one end to join the ends together.
Then you have a circle with a small hole that you can put a brad through or like me i added glue dots to both sides one to stick it to the box/bag and the other to stick to the button.
Thanks for looking