Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back in the UK

Firstly i would like to say thank you to all those that attended, sent cards/flowers for dad's funeral.
I am wondering what happened to the last 5 day's firstly saying a bye to dad on Wednesday,Thursday saying bye to other members of my family and friends.
And then Friday it was another bye to my sisters Jan and Jo for the first time i just did not feel the same way about leaving, it was such a strange feeling i just could not understand what it was and why it happened this time and never before over the years i had come and gone.
Anyway i boarded my plane on Friday evening and arrived back in the New Castle UK on Saturday afternoon, James was waiting for me we was delayed for an hour.
It was good to see Bertie my beautiful black lab he was so excited to see me and i was pleased to see him, my son and his partner Kyra came round to see me with my latest grandson Joshua i was so pleased to see them all.
But Joshua had forgotten who i was and when his dad handed him over to me and i had him in my arms talking to him he cried and his bottom lip was quivering i had to give him back, they stayed a couple of hours and before they left he was happy for me to hug and kiss him.
Hope everyone his well and thanks for your support its been much appreciated.
Luv Paula


Clare said...

Hello my beautiful friend. I have just emailed you but wanted to put a comment here too. I am so glad that you have arrived back home safetly. I have been checking daily to see if you have updated so can relax now! it is gut wrenching leaving family, especially this time hun. You seem very close to your sisters so hopefully you can keep in touch a lot and still talk and cry over the phone. This is what i still do with my sister Helen in OZ and we usually talk twice a week!. Im so glad the family were there to meet you and wow Bertie must have been all over you!!! animals are such good therapy. So just to let you know Paula, i am here and just call me anytime. With lots of love Clare xxx

The twins mum said...

Hi Paula,
So glad to hear that you got home, it must be horrible to have to say goodbye to your family, as the last days of your trip would have be horrible enough without having to say goodbye to everyone. Thankfully we live in a world with lots of technology so it's a matter of picking up the phone or turning on the computer and we can hear/see them.
I bet Bertie wagged his tail off and gave you heaps of those special doggie kisses, best listeners in the world are our pets.
Take care, get plenty of sleep and I will keep popping by for updates