Sunday, 24 October 2010

My apologies for not up dating you all

Unbelievable Jan arrived on the 28th Sept from Aus and on the 30th Sept are Ste, Kyra and Joshua moved into our house. We had meetings with Social Workers and other professionals regarding what had happened to dad, we were asked to look for a home for dad to go into when he left hospital.
We found a place and passed it to the Social worker she had to put it through the panel it went through on the 14th Oct so we then had to work it out with the home.
Jan went back to Aus on the 19th so we did not visit dad due to me taking her to the airport, on the 20th i get a call saying dad had a chest infection and  they had put him on iv antibiotics. Dr said on the 22nd that the chest infection was almost gone and was still happy to let dad go on Fri 22nd.
Dad would be taken at 10.30 on the 22nd but i got a call to say dad had just left at 11.55am so i knew they would not be there untill 1pm so i rang and said i would visit in arvo, when i got there dad was bad tempered and very unhappy about the undies been tight and causing him pain.
Took off trousers and jocks and replaced with stuff that was not tight he still went on after changing his stuff over, then this morning i got a call from the home saying that dad had been taken to Yok District Hospital because of water retention. We get to the hospital and dad is very bad tempered and swearing lots. Despite dad's history of being catheterised and him pulling it out, they did this and yes he pulled it out! We eventually saw the doctor who was happy for us to take dad back to the home.
So because they could not send him back in an ambulance they said they would get a taxi but he would not have an escort, i said that in that case we would take dad back to the home which we did he looked worn out and very pale.
Am worried that all this is not doing his physical and mental health any good at all. I think this is now getting too much for him and i am worried how much longer he can take this.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Candy Winner is

Thankyou to all that entered the blog candy and sorry that i did not drawn it last night, but me and my sister was at the hospital with dad. The lucky number drawn number 1 the Charity Crafter please could you send me your address so i can send the candy on.
Hope you all have a good week.
Luv Paula