Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Would just like to say that i have been so busy with work that i did not have time to do many christmas cards, so sent out a few that i had made but ended up going out to buy cards to send out to family and friends.
I got a call on the 8th December to ask me if i would go into hospital on the 22nd December for my op i agreed because of James breaking up from school on the 18th December, because i new i would not be able to do much for around 6 weeks.
So i hope you will forgive me but will be soon on the ball,  i would just like to say to you all have a happy, healthy and prosporous New Year Luv

Monday, 14 December 2009

I am hoping that i can find a couple of crafters who would like to join me in my craft room in 2010.

I will put some christmas cards on my blog tomoro.
I hope that all you crafters have enjoyed making all your christmas cards for all those special people in your life, i have to confess that i have been out and bought my family in Australia cards the reason been i just have not been able to get into my craft room at the minute with my job.
I have only made a few and am hoping to get a few more made tonite and then by the weekend i should have made a bit of a hole in the one's that i send to my personal friends, the ones that i send with my hubby will be from his card selection from church.

This is another photo of my craft room

Another picture of my craft room this is the top end other side of the door to the garage

Just another photo of my craft room

I will show you a couple of photo's of my craft room.

Sorry for not blogging for so long craft room finished but been busy with my full time job.