Thursday, 22 July 2010

Up Date on my Dad

Firstly i would like to thank the people that have been sending luv and prayer's to dad and my family.
Then i will answer a question asked by Claire, if the unit that they had moved dad into was called delirium unit, yes Claire that is what they call it in Australia.
We meet dad's new Dr's and they wanted dad to have a chest xray and scan, so that was organised for later yesterday we got to see the Dr again and asked if he had any information for us he said that dad had a little pneumonia.
The Dr only does Mon Wed Fri so if we wanted to ask anything else we could talk to the Student Dr, dad's tests had not come back and was not expected  until today.
So today we spoke to the Junior Dr she told us that dad had a small blood clot on his left lung, this would mean instead of having heparin once a day they would give heparin twice a day, she said that dad was still very ill and they would concerntrate on his low blood pressure, breathing and the clot.
My sister spoke to them late this arvo and they told her that dad's got a cluster on his chest and that they did not know what it was, but they would carry on with dad's heparin to keep the blood thin and stop blood clots.
So that is today its 1.30am in the morning and i am so tired i will say good nite god bless and thanks to you all, luv Paula

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Clare said...

Oh Paula you must be beside yourself hun. They still do not seem to be answering the questions about Dad's confusion do they? or maybe the clot could cause this? i am sorry but i think calling it the "Delirium Unit" is totally insensitive!!! I know that maybe just my opinion so i will shut up! Paula make sure you try to rest, i know it is hard but you need to be thinking of you too as you do not want to get poorly & run down. Thankypu again for letting us know how things are darl and we will continue to pray for you. Little Bertie sounds like he is in good hands! big warm hugs to you angel. Love Clare xxx