Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Up Date

Would just like to say thankyou to the people that have been so kind and left messages.
Yesterday my eldest sister Jan and i met with the medical staff that are involved with dad's care, our youngest sister was not able to come to the hospital since friday due to having flu.
They talked about how well dad was doing and that he would not need the 24 hour cover any longer, so that was all the positive things and then came the down side.
Dad will need to go to rehab for 12 weeks and then into a nursing home because he will not walk again, dad's mind is still strong but his body is not and i am unsure how he will take this.
We were given some nursing homes to look at from the social worker so we need to start looking at these due to the care team meeting on Friday,  if we have not looked around then they will place dad and we will not have a say about dad's future.
I will say bye for now and will update you later.
Luv Paula

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Clare said...

Oh hun i am so sorry darl, this is sad news. I am really feeling for you right now. The only thing Paula is that you know Dad will be in a 24 hour care facility who are trained on helping his recovery. So glad you arrived safetly and that you can be with your Dad & family which must be helping a great deal. I do hope that you find a Nursing Home and one that you will be happy for Dad to be in. You want control over your dads wellbeing, not someone to take the decision for you.
Thankyou for keeping us all up to date, have been thinking a lot about you. Sorry i did not get to comment on your last post hun but been poorly again, i did read it though. Lots of love & hugs to you Paula, make sure you are taking care of you too ok. Love Clare xxx