Sunday, 15 August 2010

Totally unbelievable.

Friday i got a call to say dad had fallen again, it was the pharmacist that found him and while she was seeing to him the carer came and i just happened to make a phone call to dad. It was the carer that i spoke to. She asked who i was and when i said she said your dad's fallen we have called the ambulance i said please can you make sure that he goes to the hospital this time, and if you do not mind calling me back to tell me which hospital they are taking him to.
They took dad to St James' in Leeds its the biggest teaching hospital in Europe it took me 45 mins to get to the hospital when i arrived they showed me where dad was and then about 10mins later the Dr came and introduced himself and then spoke to dad.
He examined dad from top to toe doing all the vital signs and more, he spoke with dad and tested dad with his memory etc and said he would like dad to have a chest xray because he could hear a rattle in right lung he said that they had taken blood from dad, he said he would like to keep dad so if he got a bed on elderly care the Drs could check more so he did just that he got dad a bed.
This young Dr was a first class professional nothing was too much trouble for him and if our NHS was filled with people like this we would be envied throughout the world.
Dad was then taken to elderly care after his xray and they did his assessment at 8 oclock the nurse said that she thought my dad would be going home tomorow, i said over my dead body and anyone Dr etc that discharges him i would want there name etc because if anything happens to him i will hold them responsible.
I then rang the EDT Social worker and spoke to them regarding dad and explained what the hospital had said to me, the social worker was able to get up dad's notes and saw what had been discussed earlier in the week.
She said that if the hospital thought my dad was fit enough to go home i could do nothing about it, she advised me to visit dad on Saturday and see what they had to say. The nurse said that the Dr had said dad was fit to go home, but would need to be seen by the emergency response team and they would see how dad was on his feet.
They came while we were there and dad had a problem with his walking and a problem with his right hip so they wanted an xray of his hip to see nothing was broken or cracked from the fall, anyway today i was told dad's hip is ok but dad was still not good enough to go home so they are sending dad to Seacroft for rehabilitation.
John the physio asked me if that was ok i said that's brilliant it makes me feel so much better that dad is been taken care of and it also gives me more time to look for extra care homes and to get the social worker on the ball also tomorow.
Take care luv Paula


Clare said...

Paula i have also not done any crafting in weeks, sometimes life just gets in the way so don't feel guilty!. I like im sure many of your followers are interested in your life and it is good for updates. Not good that FIL has had another fall, poor thing. Glad he is staying in though under 24 hour care which he needs without any falls. You have to be so persistant.
I do hope that this is an opportunity to speed up a nursing home. Im keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the update hun. Big hugs Clare xxx

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Hope things get better, hang in there. Dont worry about crafting right now, we understand and will look forward to when you can. Take care of your family :)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Paula, oh dear, things aren't good. It seems hospitals shove people out the door asap these days but some need more care than can be provided when they're at home. Let's hope he stays at Seacroft long enough to make a difference.
Hugs Anne xx