Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meeting with Professionals re dad's quality of life

James and I met with a social worker at my dad's yesterday. We were really impressed to see that the SW turned up 10 minutes early!! We discussed dad's needs and the fact that his quality of life had now been reduced to a mere existance with very little quality of life at all. SW stayed for over 2 hours and we discussed every possible aspect of dad's care needs. She was very forthcoming about different options for dad which is a breath of fresh air given that all we have been told in the past is the same old routine stuff!!! Because SW was there for so long she was able to witness, first hand, how dad is. She did suggest that maybe he needs a power of attorney so that his needs are managed in a way that causes no stress to him or ever again, puts him in the position of having to pay late payment charges for a television that he first rented in 1993 and we are convinced that he has now paid for this TV 4 times over!!!!! Thankfully SW was present when the carers arrived. The service provided, whilst we were there was less than adequate. A young man came in and gave dad his meication and a cup of tea, this was 4 hours after the previous visit when meds were administered. At no time in these 2 visits was dad asked if he wanted anything to eat!!!! It was only after care worker had left did James go and make dad a sandwich. SW was not impressed and contacted the  the care worker's supervisor. The conclusion of the afternoon was summed up by SW that a multi agency meeting would be called on 24th August when she will nominate my dad for a place in 'Extra Care Housing' provided by Anchor Housing. There are very very few places available in these establishments so please  keep everything crossed for him. Thanks for all your support and i will, of course, keep you all updated.

Luv Paula


Clare said...

Oh i am so pleased Paula!!! believe me i will be keeping everything crossed! i am so glad that the SW was there to witness everything first hand as this does not happen very often. She sounds very on the ball and this in itself makes you feel more confident. Not only that you also have a contact now!!! thankyou for keeping us up to date gorgeous girl. Big hugs Clare xxx

The twins mum said...

I have everything crossed for you all.
It's so nice when you get someone, in a position to help, who is so caring and do there job properly. So many times I think people just plod along in a job and forget why they are there in the first place.
Take care