Saturday, 10 July 2010

Safe Arrival and Update

Hi all, i have arrived safe in Perth W.A. my sister was waiting for me and took me straight to visit dad in Sir Charles Gardener Hospital.
Dad did not know who i was when i first walked in, but once i spoke to him he said what you doing here luv, it was great to see him and made me feel so much better even though he was very confused and in a lot of pain.
Will see the specialist on Monday so will keep you updated.
Take care
Luv Paula


coops said...

glad you arrived safely hun and i hope all goes well with for your dad.take care.xx coops xx

Myzdamena's World said...

Thanks for sharing that. So glad to hear that he recognised you after a while

*super huge hugs*


The twins mum said...

Hi Paula,
I'm so glad that you made it over here safely, shame the weather is so crappy. Good luck on Monday I hope the Doc's can give you some good news. My thoughts are with you all