Thursday, 30 June 2011

Perth Western Australia

Well i arrived in Perth last night, went to see my son and his partner Kyra for a couple of hours and then came home.
Arranged to meet Kyra and my Grandson Joshua at 11am, i was still in bed at 10.50 am could not believe it when my sister knocked on the door and told me the time, it was windy and teaming down with rain.
Went to meet up with them and Joshua was fast asleep but not for long, he had forgotten me i could tell how he was looking at me so i sat playing with him on the floor for 15mins then i thought i would get hold and give him a big hug.
He cried his little heart out I was a little upset but i soon got over it and so now we are going to build our relationship again, life can be so hard for families living such distances apart, you would think i would be used to it but i don't think i will ever be.
I am going to try and get to some craft events while i am over here, and with a bit of luck check out the Aussie SU catalogue and maybe a party who knows.
Thanks for taking the time to look take care
Luv Paula oxo

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