Monday, 7 February 2011

Went to training yesterday with Jo

Training was in Peterborough and 50 ladies came along lots that I had never met before.
We all took swaps along.
My swap was not a card but a brown environmentally friendly sandwich bag. I thought that anything
 could be stamped on to it, so it could be used for a number of things.
I stamped some with love hearts, flowers, butterflies and baby things. At a cost of  99p for 10 bags
I feel it's great value. I just hope that Home Bargains don't stop getting them now.
The cards I recieved from swapin' are great, so Iwould like to say,to all those ladies that
came along and swapped with me,thankyou for your great ideas.
I would like to say to Monica and Bekka thankyou for holding these days, they are great as they let us meet up with people that we only know through the internet and we learn new things and,
of course, get to swap ideas.
I would just like to say, a great day had by me.
Thanks for checking out my blog.

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Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

What a cute bag. love the stamping on it. Fill it with love and goodies :)