Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Up date on dad

Firstly dad did not have his operation till Monday the 15th November even though he fell on Saturday the 13th but over the weekend they had other priorities. This was good because dad had is 85th birthday and i did not have to worry if he would get through the anasthetic, The operation went well dad did not have anesthetic so that was great, dad was just confised when James and i visited him.
Had a couple of ups and downs with dad being dehydrated and hallucinating having to be put on drips which is not good for dad he pulls anything out that does not belong to him so causes himself problems but with him being confused its hard to get him to understand.
Since then dad has had to have a blood transfussion, i was made aware that dad had a very rare blood group and they had  to send to the National blood transfusion centre in Sheffield for it, after all that dad then starts to be sick through the night and its got blood in it so they need to investigate that but dad is not well enough for a gastroscopy at this minute in time so they are keeping a close eye on that.
We are then informed that dad has got a chest infection so when i said is it a chest infection or pneumonia i was tod pneumonia, so thay are now treating dad for that as well as having to keep him hydrated.
On my way to visit yesterday i received a call from a Dr from heamotology that wanted to meet with me so i said i was on my way so we met up with him. He told me that dad had protein in his blood but this was not something new its shown for a while, anyway i was told that this can usually be cancer but to find out 100% dad would need  a bone marrow biopsy from his hip. Dad is far too ill for this so the dr was pleased that i was saying no because he thought it was far too much for dad to cope with now, as if this is correct then he would need chemo and dad is not up for this he is so weak and fragile. The Dr was glad that we were both singing from the same hymn sheet regarding dad's well being.

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