Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dad's been seen by psychiatrist and they have now decided on !

Well the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a mess, dad was seen by a psychiatric nurse who said dad should not be at Highfield as they do not have EMI nursing registration, so we should look  for somewhere that does offer that so dad would remain on a one to one care basis from 6pm till 8am.  
 Dr Clarke said he would send another person to check dad out and do a second assessment, this took place on Thursady the 4th November and feed back was definitely that dad would have to move into a EMI nursing home, because dad did have vascular dementia and global Alzheimers and they gave the home a script for dad to be given sleeping tablets for 7 days, both my sister and i said no to sleepers due to what we had been told by Dr Fuller regarding dad been high risk of falls.
2 EMI nursing homes have been out to check on dad and we are awaiting feedback from them, i have just spoken with the social worker and been told that if they decline then we will need to look at other places, this means that this may not be as easy as one thinks. Got feed back and both homes had refused dad for different reasons, so then was given names of EMI nursing homes that supposingly had places and spent 2 days running round looking, to find when i arrived that they did not have places anyway i did get to look at  4 2 of which i would not have touched.
So dad was assessed yesterday by one and will be assessed again today by the other one so i hope that we get a yes otherwise we could be left with him been placed somewhere i do not want, so i will keep my fingers crossed.  And due to all the above times gone by and its tomoro my son his partner and my grandson leave to start a new life in New Zealand and to be honest i was hoping to make the best of the time they have been staying with us, but this did not happen i will miss them all so much and am dreading tomoro.
Thanks for reading and sorry for not updating more often take care luv Paula

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