Friday, 7 May 2010

Question Answered

I forgot to tell you that i did not buy any crafting goodies while i was in Manchester, but i think that was because i never saw a craft shop or believe me i would have,  for sure, would have bought something. And i did not feel so bad because earlier in the week i had place a SU order.
I did not have time to get withdrawal  symptoms because today i had a delivery from SU so that was great.
My order was for the new colours that SU have just introduced to the UK in May.
If you are interested in any of SU products please contact me so i can assist.
Luv Paula

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fi's cards and crafts said...

ooh Paula...your goodies love fab!! I ha a stampin up party a couple of weeks ago which was great but 2 of the sweet pea collection have still to come :(