Saturday, 1 May 2010

Important Announcement

Last night we announced that No 38 Pam White was the winner of my Candy. It has been  brought to my attention that Pam did not have my Candy linked to her site, which is a requirement to be eligible to enter the draw. This renders the result invalid.
I have sent Pam a message to say that i am sorry but i will have to redraw the blog candy, because she did not link. She was absolutely fine about this and she told me that she is new to blogging and still has a lot to learn.


goldyfish said...

I have been blogging since March and don't know how to link either. I am a follower of several blogs, but can't join in on the fun since I can't link. I have looked it up in help, but still am not sure. Would someone please email me at and let me know how to link. I appreciate it.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh what a pity. I hadn't read this when I found out I was the new winner. Of course it's important to have the links when people are trying to promote their blogs and their business, but it is difficult when you're new to blogging. Sorry Pam.
Anne x