Saturday, 17 April 2010


To make this flower follow the instructions.

 1, Punch out 6 scalloped circles                    
2, Once  you have your 6 scalloped circles you will need to fold into half.

3, Then you must fold again into quarters so they are like the photo below

      4,Then you need to fold again into 1/8ths
         5, Fold the tip up to the scalloped edge like below
6, You then need to open up all your 6 scalloped circles
                                          7, Then stack them on top of each other
 8,Once you have got them all together you will need

9, To pierce a hole through the 6 scalloped circles with your piercing tool

              10, Squeeze the1st scalloped paper together, doing this to all 6
    11,Your flower should  look like the above, when you have squeezed all 6 together.

12, Then you need to open up each layer untill you have open all, then you can manipulate your flower till you are happy with its look.
This is my first tutorial hope that you understand what i am talking about and that you can follow it.
Thanks for looking and please do leave feed back on all, otherwise how can i ever improve on  anything.
Luv Paula

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coops said...

wow thanks hun, fab tutorial.will try having a go with my nesties.luv coops.xx