Thursday, 7 January 2010

Valentine card made with circle punch

I thought i would make a Valentine card by punching a hole in the centre of the card, i used a number of punches by different companies and could not get it to look anything like it was so close to the edge. I then thought i would try my 1.3/8 circle punch and this is how it punched out i thought it was much better than the other punches that i had tried so i worked with it and made this card, the punch was from Stampin Up.

This was punched out with one of another companies punch just to show you what i mean, by its to close to the edge it does not matter how you place it in the paper you are very limited.
Hope this is of some use to you i learned the hard way i bought almost everything i saw before SU came to the UK and now well i cannot say i do not buy anything as i would be telling you a porkie, but my goods are limited from other companies because SU sell such a range of goods.
Thanks for taking the time to look please leave feed back TA.

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